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At Santram Holidays Pvt Ltd, we get this question a lot from our guests, that:

What is the all-inclusive tempo traveller fare for our trip?

And to answer this question, we have to do some simple math, and only then we quote the All Inclusive fare.

Below we have shared, how you can your self-calculate that what will be the all-inclusive fare or maximum (not minimum) fare that you need to pay us for your trip.

Kindly have a look at that, and if you have any questions, call us at +91 9983010250 or fill the contact form at the end of this page.


All-Inclusive fare for a 4 days Delhi Manali tour

Let’s say that you want to book our 12 seater tempo traveller for a 4 days tour of Manali from Delhi.

And the fare for our 12 seater tempo is Rs 18 per km/ minimum per day fare for 250 km.

Which implies that a minimum 4 days fare will be:

  • 250 km x 4 days = 1,000 km x Rs 18 tempo fare = Rs 18,000

Thus Rs 18,000 will be the minimum tempo fare you have to pay us.

Now let’s calculate, that how much km our tempo will be driven on this 4 days Delhi Manali tour, and to do that, you need to:

This map tells you that one side distance from Delhi to Manali is 538 km.

So a round trip will be 538 km x 2 = 1076 km.

Plus, add extra 100-150 km which will cover all the sightseeing in Manali & nearby.

So, a total of 1076 km + 150 km = 1226 km approx will be the total km driven on a 4 days Delhi-Manali tour.

Now as the total km driven (1226 km) is more than 1,000 km, so the total tempo fare will be charged for:

  • 1,226 km x Rs 18 = Rs 22068
  • Here Rs 18,000 is our minimum 4 days fare for 1000 km, and
  • Rs 4,068 (Rs 22068 – 18000) is for the extra 226 km driven apart from 1000 km

And apart from this Rs 22,068, you also need to add three extra expenses, which are:

  1. Driver allowance: You need to pay Rs 300 per day to the driver, as his allowance. So for 5 days, this allowance will be Rs 1,200.
  2. Parking charge: Throughout this 4 days tour, where ever we have to park the tempo near a tourist spot, you need to pay that parking. We suggest keeping a maximum of Rs 500 per day as parking expense. So, Rs 2,000 for 4 days as maximum parking charge for 4 days..
  3. Toll/ State tax: While driving from Delhi to Manali, there will be toll booths, and you need to pay the toll/ state tax, which will be around Rs 1,000-1500 per day. But the total toll/ state tax will be only on day 1 (driving from Delhi to Manali) and on day 4 (from Manali to Delhi). So total toll/ state tax will be around Rs 1500 x 2 says – Rs 3,000 maximum (as the total will be less than that)

And to make the above three expenses calculation simple, we suggest counting Rs 1,000 per day as expenses for Driver allowance + Parking  + Toll/ state tax.

  • A total of Rs 4,000 for this 4 days tour.

And thus the All Inclusive fare for our 12 seater tempo traveller for a 4 days Delhi-Manali trip will be:

  • Rs 22068 tempo fare + Rs 4000 all expenses = Rs 26,068 – no hidden cost.

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